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More Details Coming Soon About Our New Robust 3e Platform 3eLogoA complete end to end event ecosystem connecting everything. 
Convention Center ->  General Service Contractor -> Show Manager -> Exhibitor -> Attendee
The 3e cloud platform is the hub connecting the show management team to every piece. 


EXPOCAD® and our New 3e Event & Exhibitor Management Software Options Offer a Variety of Ways to Professionally Create, Manage & Market Events & Exhibitors in the Trade, Consumer, Corporate, Fairs & Festival Industries.   

Our New 3e Platform is Cloud Based and Offers a Variety of Tools Designed to Work with Every Team Member from the Admin to Sales Teams and Account Executives. Access and Capabilities by Job Function is a Click Away. 
EXPOCAD®  Continues to be Available OnDemand via Subscription and Accessible from Anywhere from an Internet Enabled PC or Tablet.  Desktop & Network Options for EXPOCAD® Continue to be Supported.

3e and EXPOCAD® are Easy to Integrate with 3rd Party Systems via Our Unique EDGE API & We Offer Robust In-House Developed Links to SalesForce.com© & ACT!© Software.

Exclusive Provider of EXPOCAD® Contractor to the General Service Contractors Industry.  



Organizers and Team Members Have Instant Access to Floor Plans to Perform Such Tasks as Combine Spaces, Un-Combine Areas, Rent, Un-Rent or Move Exhibitors to Name a Few.  EXPOCAD® is Completely Data Driven for Accuracy.  Exhibitor Data or Floor Plan Changes are Instantly Recorded & Tracked. 

Maintains All Exhibitor Content Such as Membership, Products & Category Information, Descriptions and Financial Data.  Company Names on the Floor Plan are Easily Changed to the Brand they Prefer to Represent & Auto-Fit to the Size of the Space and Rotated by Preference.  

3e Includes a Proprietary Online Interactive Floor Plan and we Continue to Offer our Marketplace WEB Event Software. The Admin Side Allows Organizers to Choose What Data to Share to the World & What  Level of Marketing Opportunities & Features Fit Each Unique Event.  We  Make it Easy to Self-Brand & Customize Color Schemes to Match Websites & Other Marketing Collateral.  


Our Renowned Dimensional Accuracy is Due to Our Professional Grade Computer-Aided Design Tools.  EXPOCAD® Creates Intelligent Data-Driven Events from General Service Contractors and Architectural Drawings Worldwide.  Our Unique Blending of Automation, Data and Graphics Allows our Products to be Utilized by Anyone Using a Computer.

3e and EXPOCAD® Have Optional Financial Tools for Customers to Create any Number of Rate Plans by Type with  Discounts, Sponsorships & Extra Request Items.  

3e and EXPOCAD® are Integrated with Word© for Easy Self-Branding and Customizing of Digital Signature Ready Invoices, Letters, and Documents in the Report Center.  

Some would argue that CAD is old but that shows they are simply uninformed.  CAD is used Worldwide in a Variety of Industries Including Animation, Movie Special Effects, Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Automotive and Architectural Design. 

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  3e and EXPOCAD® Products are Used Worldwide by Show Management Organizations, Operations & Security Teams, Venues and General Service Contractors