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365 VMP

Fast and Easy

fast and easy implementation

  set-up in hours or days not weeks or months

  import functions for easy upload  - concierge service for help

  many options for set-up  - works stand alone or i-frame

  sellers (exhibitors) can save their profile and upload elsewhere

  single sign on with other tools  - hosted  - works in tandem with other tools

  use any style sheets

  Click to View PDF Brochure Here    Click Here for Example #2 

connecting buyers & sellers on-line

online tool for sellers to market

attendees and sellers login

advanced search functions to locate sellers (exhibitors)

easy navigation

virtual floor plan - optional

attendees can view documents, products, videos, press releases

messaging feature

save favorites

business intelligence tool

search by categories up to 3 levels

search sessions and exhibitors at the same time

drive attendees to virtual events with our EXPONSNaP E-Newsletters

WEB 123

conference sessions

session tool

color coded tracksMobile too

advanced search functions


summary fly-out on mouse-over

scheduler planner

provide video content in new browser window or embedded

provide contend via recorded video youtube, mp4, CNTV, etc.

provide content live in realtime using zoom, gotowebinar, webex, facebook live, CNTV, etc.

import sessions from excel

speakers/presenters login portal - add any URL link to class or session

Conference Sessions

no cost - mobile ready


Mobile 1

responsive design

user option to view via mobile or desktop version 

embedded videos





virtual booths & floor plan


 virtual floor plan optionalVirtual Booths

virtual booths at different sizes/cost

search functions to locate

choose any layout  - easy navigation 




place company logos on booths

exhibitors (sellers) can provide booth pictures 

link virtual booths to any url



business intelligence tools

search by categories

scrolling banner sponsorships