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Shields Up! 

3e by EXPOCAD®  Released  March 30, 2022             

The FBI Warns U.S. Critical Infrastructure Subject to Reconnaissance for Cyberattacks.
On March 21, 2022, President Biden warned U.S. companies, particularly those operating in critical infrastructure sectors, that “[b]ased upon evolving intelligence, Russia may be planning a cyberattack against us.”   source: National Law Review  3/23/2022  

  • The website of Bradley International Airport in Connecticut was hit with a cyber-attack.  Using Russian language, “America, no one is afraid of you” was the message Cybernow reported.   source: Newsweek 3/29/2022
  • CISA warns of attacks targeting connected UPS devices.   source: CISA 3/29/2022

CISA (CYBERSECURITY & INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY AGENCY)  website for Russian threat:    https://www.cisa.gov/shields-up

3e by EXPOCAD® is responding to the threat by creating an On-Premise version of EXPOCAD® to be used in case of loss of internet connectivity.  A secure USB drive will be made available to all customers to use for uninterrupted, normal operations.  Our customers can assess the risk themselves.  We will provide the emergency software at no charge for current customers.  Please contact us at luv@expocad.com for your version.

The emergency version of EXPOCAD® will support multi-user network environments as well as stand alone applications.   Financials, contracts, and invoicing modules will be included.  The build will be the latest of our cloud based OnDemand product. Our intent is to provide continuous operations for our customers in the unlikely event of loss of connectivity for any reason.  Also, this version can be used for on-site space selection and sales with no internet access.

Users can switch over to the emergency version in minutes.  We ask OnDemand users to make local back-ups regularly to restore to the On-Premise version if needed.  This action plan will make a roadblock crisis into a small speed bump.  We won’t allow bad state actors to slow down our customers conducting business.

Your general services contractor is already protected with on premise EXPOCAD® Contractor so that communication to execute your event will be unhindered by any technology interruption.  Please communicate with your GSC designers for the best delivery method of your back-up in case web-based delivery is hindered.

Our goal is to be proactive in providing the tools necessary to allow our customers to proceed with business regardless of threats or actions.  Any questions please contact us at luv@expocad.com

Directors of Customer Support                                  Director, Software Development
Dan Walsh & Krissy Lubic                                            Andy Halder       


A.C.T. Inc. Acquires ExpoCharger International 


St. Petersburg, FL, SISO CEO Conference – 3e/EXPOCAD® by ACT, Inc. announces the acquisition of ExpoCharger International, a Delaware company. All ExpoCharger staff will continue with 3e/EXPOCAD in similar positions.  

Dana Chenier, President ExpoCharger International, said, "Joining the ACT/Expocad team just makes sense. We share the same values and have complementary skills and experience. Together, we will be able to provide a breadth of product and service that is unmatched in the industry. I am excited about the future!"

"This is the perfect time to join forces with a long-time business partner.  We are looking forward to having the expertise and tradeshow experience that ExpoCharger can bring as a part of our new 3e platform roll-out," says Rich Stone, CEO, 3e/EXPOCAD. "Working together closely for over 20 years, it was clear that working as one would accelerate innovation and product growth."

About 3e/EXPOCAD® by ACT

3e/EXPOCAD® is a leader in technology for the exhibition industry. Over 8000 events in 24 countries use EXPOCAD® technology. An EXPOCAD® product is used on almost every event in North America and many overseas. The new 3e Platform, 3eRevenue, Visual Plan, and ELI™ are some of the latest tools to help our customers achieve the best outcomes. For more information, email luv@expocad.com   or visit www.expocad.com.




Magdalena Donnelly, The Meeting Space, interviews Rich Stone on GDPR and Event Safety.   The Meeting Space is a weekly program for event planners.  The information is presented for timely and relevant subject matter that planners can use immediately.   The Meeting Space is located near Dallas, TX.


Booth Location and Other Factors to Consider to Maximize Exhibit Success DALLAS, 3 March 2020 – Today, the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) announced a new report in its Industry Insight Series, Booth Location and Other Factors to Consider to Maximize Exhibit Success. Report author Richard Stone, CEO for ACT Inc./EXPOCAD®, is a consultant …READ MORE


Looking for an Alternative Game Plan? 

Create A VIRTUAL SHOW Without The Traditional Floor Plan
Attendees Virtually Tour The Event From Anywhere In The World With The Option To Reach Out To Exhibitors For More Information And Online  Demonstrations.  Exhibitors Continue To Showcase Their Brands, Upload Pictures, Brochures And Videos Of Products Or Services And Keep Business Flowing!




Staff Spotlight:

 Karen D. Putzer  

Karen is an E L I™ Security Specialist who Works Directly with Organizers, Security Teams, Venues and Other Facilities as they Plan their Overall Security Protocols.  She is Based out of Atlanta with Planet Earth as her Territory.

E L I™  accurately pinpoints first responders and organizers to the exact location of a disturbance or specific situation that needs immediate attention.  Coverage can be spread to all or any section of a venue, indoors or out, including loading docks, classrooms, hallways, parking lots, lobbies and more.   

E L I™ can also be used for non-emergency needs for show teams
to pinpoint the location of where additional items are needed, an exhibitor violation exists, a spill, an unlocked door or other non-emergency notifications that need
to be shared with other team members.  

To Learn More, Contact Karen at +1 630.405.5864 or KarenP@expocad.com.



EXPOCAD® University 

UniversityOur University meetings offer beginner to advanced topics perfect for every customer's level of experience.  From new to power users,  each University agenda is specifically designed to the topics requested by registered attendees. 
As software progresses, it is important to keep current with new features and processes, best practices and pro tips and tricks. Every customer is encouraged to attend a minimum of one University per year.

Look for the next University  info and registration information on the Education link from the Home Page 

"I find the university days absolutely invaluable.  The opportunity to network with other organizers – to talk directly to techs and get questions answered – and to hear how other organizers use the various EXPOCAD® products is fabulous. I think if you are an EXPOCAD user, then attendance to the University event is a MUST!" 

M. Bennett, CEM Senior Exhibition Manager


E L I™ Launch

Event Location Interactive 
Developed for First Responders, Show Management, Venue Personnel or Security Teams.  E L I™ Immediately Conveys & Pinpoints Where an Actual Occurrence Is Happening to Locate a Security Breach or Concern. Teams Communicate Simultaneously to Identify the Targeted Area or Threat.

E L I ™ Can also be Utilized for Non-Emergency Events that Require Attention from Show Management & Operations. 

E L I ™ is as Effective Outdoors as it is Indoors in any Venue. 

No App Required - Easy Set Up & Implementation - Affordable!

Press Release

3D Floor Plan Option  

In Another 1st to Market Release, the Default Online Interactive Floor Plan Provides Attendees and Exhibitors with a Unique Perspective of the Show Floor and Can be a Unique Marketing Tool.  The Easy Navigation Tools Make it Easy for the Viewer to Turn this Feature On or Off if Activated by Show Management.  



We proudly sponsor several industry award conferences such as the T-Awards by TSNN, the Fastest 50 and Gold 100 by Trade Show Executive.  Our staff are members of many organizations and have served on multiple executive and advisory boards including, but not limited to, IAEE, ESCA, SISO, PCMA, CEIR and NACS. 
You can also catch up with us when we exhibit, sponsor and attend events such as IAEE, ESCA, PCMA, EXHIBITORLIVE!, Lippman Connects Round Tables,  ASAE, MPI, NACS and SISO. 




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