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CONTRACTOR™ allows the general service contractor community automation never before available in the events industry.  

This innovative program was designed with decorator collaboration to automate their software and design systems to save on intensive labor, eliminate overhead expenses and increase drawing precision.  What once took a week or more can be accomplished in a few seconds or minutes depending on the function. 

CONTRACTOR™ is a dimensionally accurate data driven graphics program allowing easy designing with reports and auditing features that compare and update customer plans within seconds. 

Designers effortlessly maximize space according to each customer’s need, auto-combine any area (and reverse), auto-add single or custom shapes, auto-number, auto- calculate carpet, pipe and drape and more!  

When reviewing and updating an EXPOCAD® customer's event, an auto-update function provides contractors with the latest floorplan booth change reports along with all the necessary exhibitor data that can be used for exhibitor kits.

CONTRACTOR™ also captures and corrects drawings supplied by other vendors or facilities which streamlines tasks that were at one time very difficult and time consuming. 

CONTRACTOR™ may also be used by organizers performing their own decorating services use  to create and manage indoor and outdoor space.  

Decorators and Venues also use CONTRACTOR™ ELECTRICAL  to automate placement of electrical needs with an immediate impact in overhead expenses and productivity.  Another exclusive market includes CONTRACTOR™ 3D DESIGN  

Customers include but are not limited to GES, The Freeman Companies,
Hargrove, Shepard, FERN Expositions, The Expo Group, SER Expositions, STRONCO, Las Vegas Expo, Heritage Exposition Services, EXPO Convention Contractors, Blaine Event Services, Bouw & Techniek - RAI Amsterdam, AGS Exposition Services, Triumph Expo & Events and many others to design and manage nearly 8000 events annually.