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With the live show challenges facing everyone today,  FX is perfect for creating a logo 'field' of sponsorships. Picture overlays may be placed anywhere.  

EXPOCAD® FX is Our Core Interactive Online Floor Plan, the Public Version of EXPOCAD®.  It can be utilized for Sponsor/Vendor/Exhibitor Sales and Marketing.   Viewers/Attendees May Select, Build and Print a Favorite List with Easy to use Navigation Tools with an Optional 3D View.  Click Here or on the Plan Below  to Visit this Sample Event

Any Color Scheme & Picture Overlays

DIY Branding 


Any Color    


On/Off Features




Top Banner Bar

Upload an Event Logo or that of an Exclusive Sponsor 

Add Text: Date, Time or Location

Drag & Drop Pictures to Easily Identify Areas Such as Food Courts, Entrances,  Exits, Special Interest Areas or Call Out More Sponsors

Exhibitors are able to Send "I AM HERE" Zoom to Booth Links in Email Campaigns to Drive Traffic to their Booth. 


Click HERE to View a Sample Show 1      

We Provide Features, the Organizer Controls What to Display:

  •  Show Branding Colors   
  •  Terminology for Menus 
  •  Full or Collapsed Menus
  •  Exhibitor Data to Display
  •  Top Banner Bar On/Off
  •  Bottom Banner Bar On/Off
  •  Logos on Banner   Bar (Unlimited)
  •  Mouse-Over Messages
  •  Venue Detail or Not
  •  Legends On/Off  

Click HERE to View Sample Show 2
Flexible for Sales then Switch to Attendee Planner

Sales Cycle: Use Banner Bar to Display Logos and Links to Preferred Show Vendors such as:

  • Housing
  • Registration
  • GSC
  • Exhibitor Kit
  • 3rd Party Forms
  • AV Provider
  • Shipping 
  • Membership  

FX is Auto-Responsive and can be Viewed on Any Device using Any Browser. 

Any Event is Automatically 'Mobile'.  

ROI:  Create a Easy Revenue Stream with Additional Exhibitor Exposure in the Scrolling Banner Bar that Zooms to Booth Location of Floor Plan or Links to Website.

Organizer Enters Own Google® Analytics Account for Accurate Activity Tracking


Exhibitor Locator


I Am Here 

I Am Here

Contact Info

Easily Locate and Zoom to Exhibitor from the Exhibitor List 
'I Am Here' is Perfect to Arrange a Meet Up or in an Exhibitor Email Campaign to Target a Specific Booth or Space
Exhibitor Business Cards Include What the Organizer Chooses to Display.  Open Booths Offer Message Options with Pricing Details and Links to any URL  


Ideal for Assisting Exhibitors During Onsite or Online Space Assignment Meetings or as a Kiosk Option.  Available as a Local Install or Using Standard Internet Connections for Kiosks  

Optional 3D View - Easy On or Off Navigation 

Highlight Exhibitors to Research and Visit 

Create a Revenue Stream with Bottom Banner Bar 

Include or Exclude Information such as Booth Size, Booth Number, Exhibitor List, Exhibitor Name, Show in Show, Child Exhibitors, Pavilions, Choose Company Name or Displayed on Drawing Names (Brands)

Flip from Meter to Units with a Click and Much More!