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Today our Reality is to be Prepared for any Situation that may Occur at any Emergency Facility or Venue for any Situation that Requires an Immediate Response.  In Today's Environment it could be a Hospital, School Campus, an in-person Conference, Exposition, Concert or Sporting Event where Hundreds if not Thousands of Attendees Gather.   

E L I™ is a Quick and Effective Communication Tool when Seconds and Minutes Matter.    

E ELI CaddyL I™ was Created to Assist Organizers and Venues in the Ability to Pin Point the Location of a Disturbance or Situation that Requires an  Immediate Response. 

By Pin Pointing the Exact Area Directly on their Mobile Device, First Responders are able to Swiftly Locate and React Appropriately to the Type of Situation.  

Alerts may be created to isolate situations by type and assigned to appropriate team members will various skill sets.  For instance, an abandoned bag, dark stairwell, unlocked back door, or in the worst case scenario, active shooter, would alert the appropriate team of security, police, EMT or operations staff.  Badge

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September/October Issue from Exhibit City News 


From an Operational perspective, E L I™ may be utilized to locate staff (I AM HERE) to assist with any given situation, emergency or non-emergency incidents. 

CampusAlternately, pinpoint exact locations of much needed supplies in nearby rooms, warehouses, or buildings on campuses.  

In the exhibiting world it could be fires of another nature such as an angry exhibitor, a non-working escalator or a medical emergency in a booth. 

E L I™ uses a discrete channel to provide location based information.  The exact location is instantly and visually communicated to those who have been designated by show management.   First responders will know exactly where, what and when an emergency occurred.

ELI CellTo overcome the limitations of push-to-talk and walkie-talkie communications, E L I™ connects authorized users to designated first responders and managers using any smart phone. 

There are no apps or installation necessary.

U.S. and international patents have been filed for this unique technology.  In the U.S., the Department of Homeland Security is also evaluating ELI. 

Karen D. Putzer
E L I™ Security Specialist                Brochure


Assuming the Risk: Event Security Video by Meetings Today

Presenter: Mark Herrera, Brenda Rivers and Eric Rozenberg 

From active shooters, cyber theft and domestic and international terrorism to natural disasters, recent headlines have brought home the critical need to vastly improve security precautions and procedures at meetings, conventions and events.

Legal expert Brenda Rivers, founder and CEO of Andavo Meetings, Incentives and Consulting, “Meeting planners have a legal liability to protect the safety and security of their attendees…they can be sued for failure to fulfill their duty of care…” 

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Whether you need to secure a facility, institution, campus, or any large area inside or out, ELI™ can elevate security to a higher level.


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