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Frequently Asked Questions



Online & In Person Event Planning 

Marketplace is a Perfect Option to Blend Online Options with In Person Events  In fact, with Marketplace, a floor plan is not required and attendees/visitors can view show materials and schedules at any time from anywhere in the world.  Sponsors or Exhibitors have all the same self-promoting features and benefits without the traditional venue model.  They may showcase all their brands, products or services via pictures, demonstration videos, podcasts and more and attendees can request private appointments as well. 

3e powered by EXPOCAD®
if perfect for space sales & exhibitor management due to the streamlined automation tools.  We make is easy to modify the floor plan or venue on the fly without waiting on changes to be made for you.   We can also track all the financials associated with the event space with instant event statistics. 

Always dimensionally accurate and will match the decorator's master plan,  eliminating any onsite surprises. 

If my decorator already does my floorplan, what do your products do?  
We utilizes the decorator's drawing and put the show organizer in the day to day driver’s seat by placing an intelligent floorplan and exhibitor database directly on your desktop, laptop or tablet. 
he majority of General Service Contractors also use EXPOCAD® Contractor for ease and accuracy for all their clients.  For our mutual clients, this means compatibility and communications are far more advanced and designers get a full report on each and every change to the floor plan as well as the exhibitor data. 

Do I need to be a computer wizard?
For show organizers there is no need to be a technical guru. We often teach onsite temp staff the basics for onsite exhibit space sales in as little as 30 minutes.  We include training and a full year of support for all new customers and our Customer Support Portal includes self-help articles and videos in our searchable Knowledge Base.   

What are the pricing options?   
Our products are available via subscription or in some instances On Prem is still an option depending on the organization's needs. 

GSC Contractor™ products are per user or site license for multi-user networks 

What powers 3e? 
EXPOCAD® is the back-end administration content manager for the admin organizer's eyes only.  In most cases just one or two admins are necessary and all other team members have various access and feature options based on what admins dictate.  

Can we use our own branding?  Absolutely!  Customers are encouraged to brand each of their events using logos and color schemes that match all other marketing collateral.  

How do I get started?  
Contact Luv@expocad.com for a quick demo or fill out the Request a Demo or fill out the form below. 

Once an agreement is in place, simply ask your decorator to send the final approved floorplan. 

Our staff will assist with importing your exhibitor data so that your 1st event is ready to sell within days. New customer training is usually scheduled within 2 to 3 weeks.    


I have my own finance program, do I have to use your finance tools?  
Customers are under no obligation to use the financial and invoicing tools, however, they are built in, just optional to use. Never an additional charge to use them,
Customers also use their own merchant account to collect credit card payments.

Can EXPOCAD® be linked to other systems such as a CRM?  
Absolutely.  We have a robust integration with Salesforce® as well as ACT!®.

Multiple 3rd party companies have created links to Microsoft’s® CRM and multiple AMS programs using our API, Web services and EDGE server tools from simple to the most complex integrations.

To inquire about registered partners or ways in which to integrate, please contact Luv or Developer@expocad.com

What GSC companies use EXPOCAD® Contractor?
The majority of decorators in the U.S., including their international offices, including but not limited to: GES - Global Exposition Services | THE FREEMAN COMPANIES  |  FERN Expositions |  Shepard | T3 Expo | Modern Expo & Events | The Expo Group |  Hargrove |  STRONCO |  Decor Experts & Expo | Las Vegas Expo | Heritage Exposition Services  |  EXPO Convention Contractors  |   Blaine Event Services | Bouw & Techniek - RAI Amsterdam | Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority | Curiosity Works | GOODKEY Show Services | Superior Expositions | Levy Show Services | Superior Exposition Services and several large show organizers. 

Contractors - If you are not listed and would like to be, please contact luv@expocad.com 



Contact our Sales Team via Luv@expocad.com With Additional Questions or Fill in and Submit the Form Below