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3e Cloud OnDemand 24/7 or On Prem

3e Powered by EXPOCAD® and our entire suite of software products are used to professionally create, manage and market events and exhibitors in the trade, corporate, consumer and fair and festival industries from the launch to the close of show.  EXPOCAD® is used by professional show management organizations worldwide to provide immediate access and total control over inside and outside exposition space from the first contact to the final invoice and has a built in credit card processor using the customer's own merchant account.  EXPOCAD® is our show management and operations administrative core product that streamlines and automates the management of events and maintains all exhibitor content and floor plan modifications on the fly.  

Cloud Based & OnDemand Subscription Model or On Premise Single & Multi-User License Environments

Beyond the dimensionally and data accurate floor plan functions, our products include optional financial tools & tracking, invoicing, online contracting and ePay modules plus robust reporting tools including a live multi-event tracking dashboard   Integrated with Microsoft Word™, it is easy to create self-customized and branded letters, reports and invoices, digital signature friendly multiple page contracts with any extra request and sponsorship items and more.  

We utilizes built-in integration tools to drive online marketing sister products that increase sales and show exposure while maximizing exhibitor marketing efforts. Along with our core interactive online floor plan we also continue to offer Marketplace, formerly known as EXPOCAD® WEB.   Each offer feature sets that not only create revenue, but offer various levels of exhibitor product and services exposure too. 


3e and Marketplace include all the bells and whistles such as an Exhibitor Self-Editing and Uploading Portal.  Multi-Product and Branding Options, Videos, Podcasts, Pictures, Logos, Exhibitor Wallpaper and much more.  Module options include online contracts and credit card payment processing using your own merchant account.   

Also included in desktop is EXPOCAD® CSI which provides analysis of any spreadsheet data using color coded hatching.  CSI can reveal the real patterns of attendee traffic on the show floor in a color coded animated heat map & video file formats when produced by A.C.T. as a service.  

Of course all our products are compatible with the General Service Contractor's software known as EXPOCAD® CONTRACTOR which is exclusively provided by our company.  When receiving a show organizers file, the decorator receives a complete audit that includes a full change report along with all exhibitor information, perfect for exhibitor kits - no more excel reports!