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Links with EDGE

Microsoft + EXPOCAD® = Power. EXPOCAD® is an official Microsoft Power Automate Partner. Use Power Automate to connect EXPOCAD® to a variety of different software, and maximize your company workflow!

EXPOCAD® Data Graphics Engine

IntegrationAvailable for Organizers and 3rd Party Companies at an Enterprise Level

Multiple organizers currently utilize the power of EDGE to link other systems to EXPOCAD® such as proprietary Association Management Software programs.  

RESTful  EDGE API Services are also available for any OnDemand Customers upon request. 

EDGE is used by our internal development team to create in-house links to products such as and ACT! CRM tool.  

EDGE was used by Reed Exhibitions to create variable booth pricing with yield management software.  Space prices change depending on the location, date and time. 

Any organization interested in creating more robust integrations using EDGE may reach out to  We are always happy to discuss and consult on any project. 


We are happy to consult with anyone in their quest to integrate their association management software and remain neutral in regard to choosing the correct AMS for each organization's needs.  

Many years ago the company then known as TMA Resources, had previously developed a link to their system (later known as Personify) and were looking to replace it.  

Over the years our products have advanced and as part of their partner solutions program, we developed a more advanced link that we offer
and support to our mutual customers. 

The end result is a much more comprehensive integration tool designed to work with the latest release of EXPOCAD®, version 7.x and up, along with Personify version 7.2.1 and up. 


Through live 2 way communications, the link now boasts a wide selection of features that share the  exhibitor and financial data and allows clients to work from either system based on their own preferences.   

One major feature is the Space Draw synchronization tool.  This allows clients to be working onsite to sell exhibit space at the convention center in EXPOCAD® (stand alone) then return to the office to update the Personify system.  

Sharing the exhibitor data also allows customers to take more advantage of the extended features of EXPOCAD®'s online sister products such as WEB & FX.  The initial exhibitor data is populated by EXPOCAD® as the behind the scenes admin. 

If you would like us to bid a link to your AMS, please send a full spec list to