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Space Draw FAQ's

Why consider an EXPOCAD® Space Draw?   
If your show is successful or needs a jump start, exhibitor participation in selecting space could be the key. By allowing exhibitors to become part of the process, a partnership is formed that often promotes loyalty and longevity.

Where do we start in planning the schedule of exhibitors?
Our team will provide a schedule suggestion that takes into consideration many factors including the number of exhibitors and
the number of selection stations that will be used.     

How do we keep the order of selection fair to all exhibitors?
A priority point system is ideal and can be based on many elements including, but not limited to, membership, the number of years of exhibiting, the size of space and participation in sponsorship opportunities.  

What if we have exhibitors with the same priority points?
Keep it simple and fair by utilizing a lottery system such as pulling numbers from a hat.  Be sure to note how ties will be handled in all documentation to prevent any conflicts during the process.  

What if we do not have a priority point system in place?
Consider using a ticket drum and allow exhibitors to pick their order in a pre-selection exhibitor meeting.  

Assign large or odd-shaped spaces first, anyone that impacts the layout of the show floor.

Start compiling a fair system that is documented in all exhibit materials up to a year in advance of implementation.

Ask for help from your exhibitor advisory committee to create fair criteria.

How long should each exhibitor be permitted to select their space?
The general rule and most efficient is 1 exhibitor every 2 to 3 minutes per selection station.  Utilizing multiple sales stations creates a fast paced, competitive environment that will move the process along quickly and efficiently.  

How hard is it to maintain that schedule?  
Since exhibitors have the opportunity to view the available space on a large screen or strategically placed monitors in the selection room (or follow along online), they will have spaces in mind once they approach the selection station.

What if an exhibitor takes too long and won’t make up their mind?
In all exhibitor documentation the time allowed and rules should be clearly stated.  If an exhibitor cannot make a decision then they should be offered 2 choices; allow show management to select the best available space or return at the end of the day.  There should be no wavering for any exhibitor, no matter their size or importance.

Why consider an Online Space Draw?
SpaceDraw2Online Space Draws can be quite beneficial to sales teams in a variety of ways.  Meeting online offers more flexibility in scheduling exhibitors and can be done in the familiar and relaxed surroundings of your office. 
Exhibitor scheduling can be in as little as one day, multiple days or even weeks depending on the size of the event and the pace show management sets.   

Customers are able to utilize our services where we bring all the hardware and networking equipment just as if it were onsite or do it themselves. 

Often online space draws are used to supplement the onsite sales efforts and help show management place their bellwethers in strategic areas prior to opening up the rest of the floor.   

Why Would a Show Organizer NOT Want to do a Space Draw?

There are multiple reasons for not offering Space Draw services which vary from industry to industry.

  • a.    Exhibitors may not want to be pulled from the show floor.
  • b.    The sales team doesn’t want to be pulled from the show floor.
  • c.    The show is struggling or too many unhappy exhibitors.  
  • d.    Involves exhibitors in the process which some organizers are not comfortable with.

If you would like to learn more about EXPOCAD® Space Draw services, please contact our sales team for pricing and information.  

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