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1. Is it difficult to link to EXPOCAD?
By design EXPOCAD products can talk to any external database like MS SQL, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL. To insure success, be sure to work with our development team. 

2. Is there an API available for EXPOCAD?  
Yes, EXPOCAD has its own application programming interface tool kit available to all customers for the asking.  Contact Developer@expocad.com

3. My AMS provider’s link works with an old version of EXPOCAD.  Who should they contact to update it?   
Contact Developer@expocad.com for the most current link information and API calls for EXPOCAD 7.  

4.  I would like EXPOCAD to write a link to our AMS or CRM program.  Do you offer this type of service?
YES!  We would prefer a more active roll in any new link creations and particularly interested in updating any previously written links by 3rd parties who may or may not have consulted with our development team.   Send a complete spec sheet to Developer@expocad.com