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1. How does EXPOCAD FX work with EXPOCAD?  
EXPOCAD desktop is the backend administrator tool with built in integration features that populate EXPOCAD FX with the desired exhibitor content, product information and floorplan content.  The end result is a Flash™ based interactive floorplan and exhibitor locator.  

2. How easy is it to get started using EXPOCAD FX?     
An FX interactive online floorplan can be up and running the same day it’s activated.  

3. Do I have to use the same color themes as everyone else?  
FX has an easy to use color palette that allows customer to choose colors and continue the brand look and feel of their website and event marketing schemes.   

4. I have a show that I do not want to display my exhibitor names.  Is this possible with FX?
Yes.  Names are a simple check on or off feature to display names or not.  

5. My show has a lot of building information that’s not necessary to display online. Can we turn that off?
Yes!  This and other display options are controlled by the user with a simple check on or off button.

6. How do I create revenue with EXPOCAD FX?  
Add exhibitor or show sponsor’s logos surrounding the floorplan or on the optional first view page.  Start with official show vendors like the GSC (linking to their site), florist, photographer…then change to exhibiting sponsors a few months before the show.  Link exhibitor logos to their booth on the show floor or to their websites.

7. Can exhibitors promote themselves with EXPOCAD FX?
Yes! Under the e-mail a friend feature, exhibitors are able to send “I Am Here” links in their email campaigns that take their audience directly to their booth on the show floor.   

8. Is there a feature that allows attendees to create a list of favorites?
Yes!  Attendees start by selecting exhibitors which are added to a growing list that they can print.  Selected favorites will also graphically display on the floorplan for an easy at-a-glance view.   

9. What choices do viewers have for printing?
Viewers are able to print the floorplan by sections or the entire show floor.  An automatic PDF of the floorplan may also be enabled for printing too.

10. Do we have to use the Carousel page that shows various halls or sections of the floorplan?
The carousel is completely optional to use and is activated by using stored views from EXPOCAD.  The carousel is a great way to offer a first view of the show and also highlight specific sponsors (see “your ad here” in the demo show).  

11. Many clients have their web masters create their own first view page as well.  Contact for questions on how to create your own.

12. Can we add pictures to an FX floorplan?
Yes!  If you have an area that you would like to highlight using a picture, contact and ask about adding picture overlays.