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M E Features & Benefits

EXPOCAD M E (Mobile Events) offers another dimension in promoting the total conference on any mobile device.  Conference sessions, speakers, special events, live announcements, polling and more is available with M E.  Content is easy to read with simple search functions and an automatic, yet optional, Attendee Roster to create an instant community and social media stream. 

At-a-Glance s session details, speakers & bios, exhibitors and booth locations, EXPOCAD created floorplan map are all at their fingertips.  Additional features include Instant Alerts that help pass on important information such as messages like Parking Lot A is Full!, Prizes Will Be Announced in 10 Minutes!,  Book Signing in Booth 2013 at 2pm.

EXPOCAD M E is powered using the latest “Fusion” Technology by EventMobi that offers on and off line use and easily promoted in marketing materials using a show specific QR code. 


  • Complete Event Detail with Full Conference & Exposition Content for All Smart Phone/Mobile Devices.
  • Includes an Opt-in Attendee Roster Tool to Create an Instant Community 
  • Controlled By YOU!  Once the Event is Created, Administrators Login to Update or Change Session & Speaker Content or Add Announcements and Instant Alerts
  • Easy to Promote Utilizing a Simple Event QR Code or Standard URL
  • Affordable;  Painless to Implement;  No Last Minute Launch Jitters
  • Launch Early as Part of the Total Marketing Campaign – Easy Admin Updating Features
  • Exhibitor Self-Updating Features & Brochure Uploading
  • Speaker Self-Editing Features
  • EXPOCAD M E  uses the latest FUSION™ technology