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Team Leaders

  • Mike Ososky Photo

    Mike Ososky

    Mike is the president and founder of A.C.T. Inc./EXPOCAD.  Starting the company at the early stages of computers and CAD systems, he has always enjoyed a risk.  He heads our development team and is the creative genius behind EXPOCAD® Contractor.   He is an avid outdoorsman and loves all things science, with heavy emphasis in artificial intelligence and a long time mentor for the Illinois Math and Science Academy.  In his free time, you can find Mike kayaking our local waters or tending his orchids and flower garden.  Mike is self-described as intelligent, optimistic and self-reliant.


  • Richard A. Stone Photo

    Rich Stone

    Rich is the CEO of EXPOCAD® and has been with the company for over 29 years and has been involved in the information technology field for most of his adult life.  Rich spearheads our international sales efforts and is very well known in multiple industries through serving, speaking and teaching at many organizations such as IAEE, ASAE , ESCA, NACS, IFEA and others.  Rich is the best cheerleader a company could ever wish for and probably the most optimistic person you'll ever meet.  In his spare time, he loves to work on his latest pet car project and play his guitar.  He also loves popcorn, lots of popcorn!


  • Sandy Spang Photo

    Sandy Spang

    Sandy is our CFO and is in charge of company finances, accounts receivable and payable, human resources and our paychecks - We LOVE Sandy ;)   She is an avid animal lover and is heavily involved in the Midwest Border Collie Rescue Program.  When not at work, you can find Sandy either at a Border Collie event, RV’ing or who knows where else since she is always on the go!  Sandy says she is a Paperwork Queen, thrifty and an animal advocate.


  • Susie Wilson Photo

    Susie Wilson

    Susie is our Vice President of Sales & Marketing and the hub at EXPOCAD® – working with every new sale as well as our existing customer base.  Having grown up with the company for 22 years and counting, Susie will always be your advocate.  When she isn’t chained to her desk, she loves gardening with her husband, cooking, and spending time with her family (especially her adorable granddaughter).   She’s conscientious, down to earth and an over-achiever.


  • Bridget Donelson Photo

    Bridget Donelson

    Bridget is our Technical Support Manager.  She is in charge of making sure our customers are happy.  She is also the keeper of our in-house equipment and IT needs.  In her free time, you can find Bridget enjoying time with her husband and two kids, quilting, or camping (or sleeping on the couch by 8pm!)  She is loyal, sporty and compassionate.


  • Wendy Freiwald Photo

    Wendy Freiwald

    Wendy is our Director of Global Sales and she LOVES the events industry and has been hooked since attending her first tradeshow back in college!  When she isn’t driving between Madison and Chicagoland, she loves to cook for her family and friends, is involved with her church (cooks there too), tries to run and bike somewhat regularly and loves to ski…..well, what we call skiing in the mid-west.


  • Krissy Burrell Photo

    Krissy Burrell

    Krissy is a technical support rep and one of our most experienced having been with the company for 7 years.  Krissy helps clients with all things EXPOCAD®, including WEB and FX.  An awesome trainer, you have probably learned quite a few things from her.  She travels quite often to space draws and earns A LOT of miles.  In her free time, Krissy likes to spend time with her husband and beautiful little boy as well as watch TV, bake and cheer on the Chicago Bears!  She’s genuine, light-hearted and focused.


  • Dan Walsh Photo

    Dan Walsh

    Dan is one of our top technical support representatives and is on the road more often than in the office. When he originally started, he picked up on EXPOCAD® faster than any previous technician to date.  He loves talking on the phone with clients and always has a calming effect.   In a trainer position prior to working here, he is well-experienced with great communication skills.  Dan spends his free time with his daughter, playing on a softball league and hanging out with his friends.  Dan describes himself as calm, helpful, and curious.


  • Andy Halder Photo

    Andy Halder

    Andy is our research and development project manager who has been with us for 8 years and counting.  Andy is very thorough and will not let an issue rest until there is an answer.  Always happy and talkative, Andy infuses a lot of fun throughout the day.  Andy is a drummer, enjoys movies/tv/music/gaming, and going on fun vacations.  Andy describes himself as patient, engaging, and positive.


  • Jim Walsh Photo

    Jim Walsh

    Jim is one of our many terrific programmers and works on such projects as the Personify link, EXPOCAD® FX, and Areagraph (and anything else that’s thrown at him him).  He is exceptionally talented and is known to sit at his desk coding the entire morning without getting up once (except for coffee, of course).  He is practical, persistent and results-oriented.