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Drag and drop application that allows exhibit managers or booth personnel to design their booth layout in order to provide a more accurate assessment of their rented space. 

Drag and drop dimensionally accurate items such as tables, chairs, desks, banner stands & even floral arrangements to name a few.  
Since each item is dimensionally accurate, it is easier to assess what will or will not fit into the space or point out over-crowded areas.

AreaGraph is also ideal for larger items like motorcycles, cars, boats & machinery to name a few.   Accurately planning the content will ultimately save on extra shipping and handling charges and eliminating excessive display materials. 

Objects will automatically resize to the scale of the drawing, assuring mathematical precision in laying out the space.

An inventory list is automatically saved with the final drawing for future review.  The object library manager allows users to maintain their inventory by selecting shapes and setting their default values.