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EXPOCAD® Launches ELI™ Emergency Location Interactive               



A New Service Solution That Allows Show or Security Teams the Ability to Respond Quickly and Easily to Emergencies at any Exhibition or Event Using Mobile Devices.   

E L I Is A Quick and Effective Communication Tool when Seconds and Minutes Matter. 


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From an Operational Perspective, E L I May be Utilized to Respond to Fires of Another Nature and Pinpoint Where an Issue Needs to be Addressed by the Appropriate Party.  

To overcome the limitations of push-to-talk and walkie-talkie communications, ELI connects authorized ELI users to show management designated first responders and managers using any smart phone.  There are no apps or installation necessary.

Only show management authorized access is allowed.  ELI uses a discrete channel to provide location based information using the adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.    The exact location is instantly communicated to those who have been designated by show management.   First responders will know exactly where, what and when an emergency occurred.

Before ELI was introduced, show management and first responders had to figure out where to go. Now they will know the exact location of an emergency for quicker response.

This technology is so unique, US and international patents are being filed. 
In the US, the Department of Homeland Security is also evaluating ELI.  


Assuming the Risk: Event Security Video by Meetings Today


Presenter: Mark Herrera, Brenda Rivers and Eric Rozenberg 

From active shooters, cyber theft and domestic and international terrorism to natural disasters, recent headlines have brought home the critical need to vastly improve security precautions and procedures at meetings, conventions and events.

Legal expert Brenda Rivers, founder and CEO of Andavo Meetings, Incentives and Consulting, “Meeting planners have a legal liability to protect the safety and security of their attendees…they can be sued for failure to fulfill their duty of care…” 



 Be Prepared with an Emergency Action Plan


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