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EXPOSNaP Sales, News & Promotions

EXPOSNaP  Sales, Newsletter and  Promotion Services Division 

Specialty: EXPOCADWEB & EXPOCADFX Online Digital Booth Upgrades, Event Branding & Custom Color Themes for ALL Viewing Devices, E-News Exhibitor Marketing & Sponsorship Solutions    

Adding value and creating a more enriching and engaging experience for exhibitors and attendees is often easier said than done.  Our team of experts can step right in and help you achieve these goals, add more value to exhibiting and create more informed and savvy attendees.  We will make sure you are using all the feature options our powerful software products have to offer too!

We can do much more such as customized solutions that are available in traditional print and e-published formats such as 


Event Directories  |  Tabloid Publications  |  Meeting Notebooks  |  Floorplan Maps & Logo Placement   |  Annual Buyers Guides  |  Flyers & Leaflets  |  Newsletters & e-Newsletters  |  Banners  |  Hotel Room Drops w/Delivery

E-News SampleOur clients have had great success when using our custom eNewsletters that include all pertinent industry information and the latest event news sent to your  pre-registered attendees on a weekly basis prior to your show, along with a post-show wrap up. Exhibitors have prime placement opportunities and another opportunity to showcase their products and services. 

Benefits of utilizing the EXPOSNaP eNewsletter:

• Focused outreach to attendees - to increase conference attendance, provide conference details, travel reminders, agenda updates, feature events and other pertinent information.

• Offers exhibitors the option to purchase an eNewsletter position in the official show eNewsletter to promote their products and services.

• Exhibitors enjoy an increase in traffic and exposure to their information…which leads to a better show experience.

• Generates additional revenue and encourages online buy-ups.

The process is rather simple – select the content you would like distributed and we do the rest - design, scheduling, sales and distribution.

The EXPOSNaP team would be pleased to assess your show, provide options and develop a specific proposal for your event.  Click Here for the assessment form.

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