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A Warm Welcome Goes Out to Our Newest Team Member, Karen D. Putzer!  
Karen is an E L I™ Security Specialist who Works Directly with Organizers, Security Teams, Venues and Other Facilities as they Plan their Overall Security Protocols. She is Based out of Atlanta with Planet Earth as her Territory.

E L I™  accurately pinpoints first responders and organizers to the exact location of a disturbance or specific situation that needs immediate attention.  Coverage can be spread to all or any section of a venue, indoors or out, including loading docks, classrooms, hallways, parking lots, lobbies and more.   

E L I™ can also be used for non-emergency needs for show teams to pinpoint the location of where additional items are needed, an exhibitor violation exists, a spill, an unlocked door or other non-emergency notifications that need to be shared with other team members.  

To Learn More, Contact Karen at +1 630.405.5864 or

E L I™ was Launched in 2018 as an Emergency Location Interactive Technology Designed for Onsite Secuirty and Operations Needs.


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Provides First Responders and Security Teams Accurate Location Data During an Emergency 

Provides Show Management or Operations Teams Accurate Location Data in an Emergency or Non-Emergency Indoors or Out - Any Venue  

No App Required - Easy Set Up & Implementation - Affordable!


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Yes, we proudly sponsor many events, our staff has served on many executive and advisory boards and we exhibit at many shows throughout the year. 

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Customers using EXPOSNaP Services have an 80% Exhibitor Return Rate!
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Oh Yes, We Do...

  •      Exhibitor Sales & Management Online or Off 
  •      Exhibitor Multi-Level Digital Booth Marketing
  •      Unlimited Product Showcases with Audio & Video    
  •      Extra Easy Event Branding & Color Schemes 
  •      Extra Easy ROI with EXPOSNaP Sales & Marketing   
  •      SSO for Registration & General Service Contractors
  •      Online Exhibitor Portal with Easy Contracts
  •      Online Exhibitor Payment Portal  
  •      Use Customer's Own Merchant Account – No Extra Fees!  
  •      Administrative Controls with Easy On/Off Preferences
  •      Display or Not: Contacts, Addresses, Phone, Websites...
  •      Easy Online Navigation Tools
  •, ACT! & AMS Integrations
  •      Custom Development, API & Web Services 
  •      All Online Products are Auto-Reactive for Any Device
  •     General Service Contractor & Venue Software
  •     Electrical & 3D Design Software for Contractors, Venues