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Facts & Benefits

  • THE PROFESSIONALS CHOICE We may be quirky and have EXPOCADDYS to promote our products, but we are serious when it comes to our suite of event management & marketing software products.  There are many reasons why our customers are the most loyal and most successful in the industry and why the majority of general service contractors also use an EXPOCAD® solution to design and manage all their customer events.  


    • EXPOCAD puts the show organizers - sales or operations - in the drivers seat by providing total and accurate control of exhibitor data and placement, floorplan modifications and exhibitor marketing.
    • Financial and reporting tools keep statistics at your fingertips.  No waiting for changes.
    • Marketing and sponsorship features create revenue streams that allow immediate ROI.
    • Streamlines processes tthat allow organizations to add more sales, not staff. 
    • Easy to use!  EXPOCAD products are used to manage events of all sizes.  From the smallest table tops to the largest events on 3 continents!
    • Seamless integration with sister products EXPOCAD WEB, EXPOCAD FX and EXPOCAD Mobile. 
    • General Service Contractors utilize EXPOCAD Contractor to design all their customer events.  When their customers use EXPOCAD, the show managers version, everyone is hap pay, hap pay, hap pay!  No more dimensional inaccuracies or onsite surprises.
    • Automatic auditing functions insure accuracy & up to date information between show management & the GSC using EXPOCAD® Technology
    • Customers have access 24/7/365 to our private community to share, network and communicate with other colleagues across multiple industries. 
    • EXPOCAD is a registered trademark of A.C.T., Inc. with total focus on producing and specializing in graphical exposition management & marketing software.  We believe in and promote BEST IN CLASS software and development.
    • Secure investment.  Privately owned and operated organization since 1986.  Our 30 year anniversary is fast approaching in 2016.  
    • The average employee has been with the company for 10+ years and are invested in our customers.  We our proud of our company, the EXPOCAD suite of products and our outstanding customer service. 
    • Customer service is second to none!  See our Testimonials 
    • We have EXPOCADDYs