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This Week in Barcelona 

ibtmWorldAt ibtm WORLD in Barcelona, Rich Stone, CEO of EXPOCAD®, made the Show Daily and spoke about Event Security and technology that helps us think about the unthinkable.  
"The legal concept is duty of care, the responsibility of the organizer to provide the safest possible environment for attendees, exhibitors guests and sponsors within reason."
November 28, 2018

Bring your business card to IAEE

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EXPOCAD® to Present at IAEE EXPO!EXPO! Dec 11 - 13, 2018
The Tech Use Cases to be featured at Expo! Expo! are:

  • Tech Use Case #1: Using New Mobile Technology to Increase Safety and Security
    Presented by Rich Stone, CEO, EXPOCAD® by ACT
  • Tech Use Case #2: Increasing Attendee Engagement with Facilitated Event Networking
    Presented by Ville Vanhala, Co-Founder, Brella
  • Tech Use Case #3: How Face Recognition for Attendee Check-in is Changing Events
    Presented by Dave Bradfield, II, Vice President, Client Success, Expo Logic
  • Tech Use Case #4: Visual Communications – Using etech’s ShowCommand™ to Take Digital Signage from an Event Expense to an Event Revenue Generator
    Presented by Tom Brandt, President, etech Events
  • Tech Use Case #5: How Experient Uses Your Guest's Behavior to Drive Results
    Presented by Aaron Dorsey, PMP, Sr. Director, Strategic Client Technology, Experient, a Maritz Global Events Company and Jamie Murdock, VP, Sales, Experient, a Maritz Global Events Company
  • Tech Use Case #6: COMPUTEX Taipei 2018
    Presented by Emilia Shih, Executive Director of Exhibition Department, TAITRA

Karen D. Putzer Joins the Team!

Karen is an E L I™ Security Specialist who Works Directly with Organizers, Security Teams, Venues and Other Facilities as they Plan their Overall Security Protocols. 
She is Based out of Atlanta with Planet Earth as her Territory.

E L I™  accurately pinpoints first responders and organizers to the
exact location of a disturbance or specific situation that needs immediate attention.  Coverage can be spread to all or any section of a venue, indoors or out, including loading docks, classrooms, hallways, parking lots, lobbies and more.   

E L I™ can also be used for non-emergency needs for show teams
to pinpoint the location of where additional items are needed, an exhibitor violation exists, a spill, an unlocked door or other non-emergency notifications that need
to be shared with other team members.  

To Learn More, Contact Karen at +1 630.405.5864 or

E L I™ was Launched in 2018 as an Emergency Location Interactive Technology Designed for Onsite Security and Operations Needs.


EXPOCAD® University 

2019 Dates and Locations - To Be Announced 
UniversityOur University meetings offer beginner to advanced topics perfect for every customer's level of experience.  From new to power users,  each University agenda is specifically designed to the topics requested by registered attendees. 
As software progresses, it is important to keep current with new features and processes, best practices and pro tips and tricks. Every customer is encouraged to attend a minimum of one University per year.

"I find the university days absolutely invaluable.  The opportunity to network with other organizers – to talk directly to techs and get questions answered – and to hear how other organizers use the various EXPOCAD® products is fabulous. I think if you are an EXPOCAD user, then attendance to the University event is a MUST!" 
M. Bennett, CEM Senior Exhibition Manager

"Expocad University is a necessary event for Exhibit Managers to attend as you can discuss your needs face-to-face with the Expocad Team and trade ideas and best practices with other industry professionals."
T. Dallis, CEM Exhibition & Sponsorship Sales

2018 E L I™ Launch

Emergency Location Interactive 
Developed for First Responders, Show Management, Venue Personnel or Security Teams.  E L I™ Immediately Conveys & Pinpoints Where an Actual Occurrence Is Happening to Locate a Security Breach or Concern. Teams Communicate Simultaneously to Identify the Targeted Area or Threat.

E L I ™ Can also be Utilized for Non-Emergency Events that Require Attention from Show Management & Operations. 

E L I ™ is as Effective Outdoors as it is Indoors in any Venue. 

No App Required - Easy Set Up & Implementation - Affordable!

Press Release

2018 EXPOCAD® FX 3D Launch 

In Another 1st to Market Release, the Default Online Interactive Floor Plan Tool Known as FX,  Now Provides Attendees and Exhibitors with a Unique Perspective of the Show Floor and Can be a Unique Marketing Tool.  The Easy Navigation Tools Make it Easy for the Viewer to Turn this Feature On or Off if Activated by Show Management.  



We proudly sponsor several industry award conferences such as the T-Awards by TSNN, the Fastest 50 and Gold 100 by Trade Show Executive.  Our staff are members of many organizations and have served on multiple executive and advisory boards including, but not limited to, IAEE, ESCA, SISO, PCMA, CEIR and NACS. 
You can also catch up with us when we exhibit, sponsor and attend events such as IAEE, ESCA, PCMA, EXHIBITORLIVE!, Lippman Connects Round Tables, Holiday Showcase, ASAE, MPI, NACS and SISO. 

Next up: Booth #816 at IAEE’s EXPO!EXPO! December 11 - 12 in New Orleans.  See you there!


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